Alexandre Turcotte’s Evolution (English)

Known in Quebec for his skills as a jockey , Alexandre Turcotte is making a nice come back in his province’s futurity world with his 2017 partner CEO Just a Winner (owned by Carol Keith, Oklahoma). Alex’s aggressive riding style probably surprised multiple people since the beginning of his career. This being said, this weekend, at the RC Futurity Show in St-valerien-de-milton, Alex impressed everyone with his skills as a trainer. He won the average by placing 1st in the first round and 3rd in the second round, with times similar to those made by open/rodeo horses. Slowly letting go of his jockey image to adopt the image of an experienced trainer, this young cowboy is making his way to the top. Here is what Alex has to say about his performance, his horse, and his vision of the sport in general.

Sophie : How do you feel after a performance like this?

Alex : I am satisfied with my weekend in general. My goal was to win futurity during my 2017 season, and this is what happened. This gave me the motivation I needed to go back to the barn Monday after the big weekend we all had.

Sophie : What are your goals, what motivates you?

Alex : Like a lot of riders, my goals are to perform well, have good horses, and that my horses love to work. I want my horses to love their job and to be consistent in their performances. Also, I want to keep riding fun (at home or at the show). I think that what motivates me the most is my personal goal of accomplishing things I never have before. I fix new goals and work hard to reach them. To reach these goals, I simply have to work on becoming better every day, even at home when nobody is watching!!!

Sophie : Can you make a comparison of your life as a rider here in Quebec vs your life as a rider in the United States?

Alex : My life as a rider here and in the states is very different. People here know me for being a good open horse rider that does not need a lot of time to “adapt” to a horse of any style.  There, I do a lot more of colt training, first saddle, first ride, ground work, etc. I start young horses on the barrels, and step by step, get them ready to perform!

Sophie : What do you look for in a barrel horse? What do you like about CEO Just a Winner?

Winner does not have the typical body type that attracts me personally in barrel horses. But, with him I realized that what really matters is the attitude the horse has. Your horse can be small, big, short, long… what really matters, is how he behaves. If the horse is willing to work for me and is a fast learner, he will automatically be “ my type .” I love an intelligent horse, and Winner is all that.

Sophie : How to you want people to perceive you in the barrel racing industry?

Alex : I don’t want to be compared to others. I’ve got my own boat. I do not ride for a living, but I still give it my all because I want to be one of the best. I want to be seen as a good trainer, not just a good jockey, and I work hard for this recognition. I want it to be easy for others to ride my horses or the horses I train once they are sold!!

Thanks Alex!


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